The Client Trust SA, informed the fast moving and at the Virtulization watching Virtulization Forum 2010

CT, a pioneer in the field having already Virtulized Infustructure more than 70% Core systems.
The server consolidation ratio of 4:1 in our range
The operating system used on servers Client Trust is ESXi 4 company Vmware.
Future plans of the company relating to the transition from Direct Attached Storage (DAS) architecture into Storage Area Network (SAN), to complete transition to “Cloud Computing”.


The new web site of the company Digea (Digital Provider SA) is a function available at http://www.digea.gr.
The site has been implemented with flash technology and contains all the information that the subscriber for information on digital television.
The Digea, the company founded by television stations (ALPHA, ALTER, ANTENNA, MACEDONIA TV, MEGA, Skai, STAR,) has entered the digital transmission of TV channels, private channels with national coverage and any other stations choose services of.
Digea The name is not accidental. Combines two different worlds, two different seasons. Modern Digital and authority on the world, our Earth. It comes, therefore, by merging the words Digital (digital) and Gaia (Earth) and, therefore, symbolizes the digital terrestrial platform.
Main activity of company is to provide networking and multiplexing (multiplexing), both said shareholders, and anyone standing and select the services of the company.


Interview with Stavros Papapanagiotou, CEO of the Company, the SBC Channel, the show “Business at length” with the journalist Spyros Ktenas. The program raised issues that concern the Greek Market Information & Telecommunications, and the emerging prospects that the projects are expected to be launched by the ECAC. Also presented in detail the technical expertise of Client Trust, the objects involved in web development of Information Technology and Electronic Communications.


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The original stylish ideas for invitations, the favors, the candles and decoration you have a target fully satisfactory for the happiest moments of your life (marriage, baptism, other symbolic moments of joyful).
Our experience and our knowledge of the trends of each period, our personal view and delicate hand, sophisticated work lead us safely to exceptional, unique impressions, thus satisfying the most demanding requirements.
Necessary conditions for our cooperation is respect to your personal preferences and adapt to your own financial ability.



To the company’s online store is based on the product CT e-shopCOSMOTRONIC The company was founded in 1988 and dealt with wholesale sales of electronic components throughout Greece.
Its customers are primarily due to retail trade, crafts and industries. Depending on market needs, namely in 1992 added to the product range of a complete line of accessories. Since 2002 is representative of plants in products such as batteries, lead batteries, power supplies, SOCKET, inverter, lamps, etc. basis.
In recent years, is available for all products of the company MEAN WELL as simply switching power supplies – power, power supplies, led, berry, converter, inverter.
The last time the company entered the construction business building 3000 square meters, from which in 2010 will serve its customers.
http://www. cosmotronic.gr



The new website Belogna ikons is in the air. The Belogna ikons is a tourist complex of studios, made entirely of traditional materials in successive amphitheatrically levels, overlooking the town of Naxos, Paros and Naxos Mountain.
The distance from the Country and western beaches are approximately 4 km
The complex is located next to the medieval tower Belogna.



The Company is located at the retail sector since 1986, year of the store and our Vrilissia.
To improve customer service and we created this website through which you can get an idea about our products, recipes, information about our stores as well as the ability to send electronic orders and distribution of our products. With simple and functional way to shop and you have at your place your order.
Our goal and our goal is continuous improvement in the following areas: expertise, quality, service, cleanliness, affordable prices. Recently in 2007 we had the 3rd largest renovation of our store since its founding.



The Intheater (www.intheater.gr) is a new theatrical web site, which was created in September 2009, the Internet Business Hellas EPE
Our ambition is to Intheater.gr be in the near future, a comprehensive and reliable electronic data bank of theater, which will be useful to those who love the theater.

Through user-friendly search engine, given the opportunity to provide information on plays, authors, performances and people of the theater, yesterday, today, in Greece and abroad. Those involved in the theater, any post, they themselves, display and brush up on our site, their curriculum, free of charge.Yet every theater scene may publish, without charge, the performances of these or prior notification.
Certainly this effort will benefit the theater and its history, stakeholders in this and every theater scene separately.



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This is a VISION AMO.gr LOVE to make business through our world better. The AMO.gr is the vision of Emmanuel Xenikakis president and founder., Through many years of business operation, acquired the skills for the proper implementation. Companies that support AMO.gr, are:
H INFOPOINT which has been the development, production and trade of integrated information systems for medium and large commercial and industrial enterprises. From 1988 until today following a steady upward path of growth to provide specific applications to cover vertical markets, supporting customers with complete solutions and ongoing support of information systems.
The IdealNet, concerning the design and construction of websites and Internet applications, such as the construction portal, construction and development of e-shop, promotion on search engines (SEO), as well as services web & e-mail marketing.
A common characteristic of INFOPOINT IdealNet and the capacity of the people, build trust through constant communication and support to their customers, because the makeshift solutions do not benefit anyone.
With the support of two large companies built in AMO.gr.