The Public Gas Corporation is the company that first imported natural gas in Greece, following the implementation by the same of a substantial energy investment.



DEPA with its long standing presence in the Greek energy market consists now a modern and competitive group of companies with a dynamic presence in the energy sector and has a real contribution to the economic development of the Country, the protection of the environment and the improvement of the standard of living of the citizens in the local communities. With continuous gas pipeline extensions and the creation of new regional Gas Supply Companies (EPAs), the DEPA group brings natural gas to more regions in the Country.

DEPA, with its long term gas supply contracts, contributes to the Country’s security of supply while developing initiatives for the role of Greece as a transit country to the rest of Europe from countries with abundant gas reserves.


T.S TV was founded in 1991 in Athens. The company is involved in Cinema and Telecision movie productions and mainly documentaries.

It recently acquired a Vision and Sound processing unit for editing.

The company can undertake any job that has to do with editing, scenes selections – personal files, etc. in old and latest formats
It can also undertake the construction of marketing SPOTs.

After 21 years of work, T.S TV has today in its possession and provides to the market a large number of professional productions in videtape formats regarding hunting. Just to point out, here are some of the titles of the movies for which you can find detailed information in our Web site.


In Octomber 2011 Client Trust S.A Implemented CT_collection for Megafon

logo_big Megafon ( is one of the most dynamically growing call center company in Balkans.

Since it first started its activities in sales over the phone as a small but promising company, which until now has 300 employees, Megafon followed a steady upward trend.

Thanks to the extensive nationwide network, Megafon is able to rapidly expand its customer base and develop franchise partnerships with mutual business benefit.

For the purposes of Megafon we designed and developed the system of arrears CT_collection.


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Rolaware is an independent, investor funded Telecommunications Operator. Rolaware owns 224 MHz of radio spectrum in the 26 GHz band in Greece which is used for the provision of high end broadband services through Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technologies. Rolaware operates under the provisions of a General License which has been awarded by Greece’s Telecommunication Regulator (“EETT”).

The size of Rolaware’s radio spectrum combined with the latest fixed wireless technology being deployed, enable it to offer fiber-like services with the fast deployment and flexibility which characterize wireless networks.

Rolaware’s primary objective is to activate customer service offerings in a matter of days rather than weeks or even months which is normally the case when equivalent broadband services are activated by other operators who depend on fiber optic technologies.

Rolaware deploys its network in urban, suburban and rural areas, especially where fixed networks are not very developed. At present it covers most of the urban areas in the wider Athens region and it will soon expand in Thessaloniki (Northern Greece).

The company aims to offer to all its customers, irrespective of geographic location, the same high level of service quality, in order to fully cover their requirements.


New web site for Alma Maritime

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The new web site for Alma Maritime is on air (

Alma Maritime Limited is an international shipping company which owns a fleet of crude oil and drybulk carriers,  trading worldwide and carrying a wide range of cargos for first-class charterers.


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Sorry, this entry is only available in Greek, and Italian.



The new site for Shipping Company Empire Navigation is online available at
EMPIRE NAVIGATION INC was founded in February 2009 and its headquarters are located in Glyfada, Attica.
The company is a member of INTERTANKO, BIMCO, OCIMF, and HELMEPA. The company has developed a Safety Management System (Safety Management System) which covers the standards of ISO 9001-2000 (Quality), ISO 14001-2004 (Environment) and TMSA. The ABS certified the company in August 2009 and issued the corresponding legalization (DOC). ABS certified our Company since 18th of August 2009 and issued the DOC



The Client Trust S.A. the new service site for all provide economic and quality solutions for web development, creating an electronic shop (e-shop) which can meet the needs of the most demanding customer. The service is targeted at small and medium-sized businesses interested in building or site redesign or create an online store.
This service allows website creation in a very short time, easily and simply, making a reality the company’s presence on the Internet.