CT e-shop

by admin

The CT e-shop product constitutes the most improved and consummate solution for the
development of an e-shop.The CT e-shop is an essential part of thr CT-CMS platform development.
It helps forward ,for it procures flexibility,required for the development of a modern and
functional e-shop,which aims to demonstrate the products and services of every business enterprise.
The main characteristicts that define the CT e-shop are the following:

  • It displays and administrates the records of the customers that have been registered in the e-shop
  • It sets up discounts per customer-by all orders.
  • It manages every csutomer’s set of orders at a given time period
  • It checks  status of orders in real time.
  • Unlimited number of main categories.
  • Unlimited number of subcategories of each main category.
  • Unlimited number of subcategories of each subcategory
  • Ability to transfer products from one category to another or copy a product in several categories.
  • It enables the customer to view the number of producs of every main categorgory ,subcategory and sub-subcategory.
  • Ability to  classify categories and subcategories in alphabetical order.
  • Ability to display the categories menu both simple lay out form  and roll down form.
  • Input an unlimited number of products.
  • The ability to display the orders of your selection to  the home page or to any subcategory.
  • The ability to add immediately the products to the shopping cart,by using shortcut in the concise presentation of the product.
  • Product List by category.
  • Ability to update the price information database at once,by loading an Excel file
  • Ability to create an index definition of products as  relative products (in order to be displayed simultaneously)
  • Ability to provide multiple payment methods((Cash, deposit / transfer to a bank account, credit card) or a combination of these,along with  Paypal method.
  • Ability to establish connection with  Eurobank – Ignatia (Proxypay),Pireos Bank, Alpha Bank for immidiate approval ?a? payments  using Visa – MasterCard Euroline, Amex
  • Ability to provide the alternative  of arranging payments by setting free installments(provided there is a connection with a bank,that approves this arrangemrnt).
  • Support for Greek-English language(or any other language)
  • Ability to set the default version( Greek,English or other)
  • Ability to  backup security files of the database and  retrieve it in case of en error  or alternatevely to transfer to another server.
  • Ability to create dynamic pages,in all categories-subcategories-products and a distinct section such as Compnay Profile,News,Contact etc by using an integrated HtML editor.
  • The ability to create your own menu ,customized according to your own choices.
  • Ability to administrate e-mail groups, regarding registration,customer’s orders and the forwarding of newsletters
  • Ability to diplay new products in the home page
  • Ability to diplay tables with relative products ,under each product.