CT cms

by admin

The CT-CMS is an integrated and scalable product that provides full coverage
for the  needs of any web application, corporate web site (Web site),
Portal (Portal) or online store.

The product provides a variaty of tools and infrastructures,destined to enable the
rapid creation of multilingual websites and online stores.Moreover,it facilitates the development of applications that cover
specific needs.

The  CT-CMS solution  is offered in two distinct forms:

I)The content management system(CT – CMS Admin Tool)

This particilar form  contains all the functions that are significant for the development and maintenance of web sites & portals.

The administration of web pages,files,users,multilingual support etc are part of the basic structure.
An extensive number of  modules and add-ons (eg e-commerce, extranet, newsletters, banner management, etc.),which is available at any time to be implemented,
offers a wide range of possibilities for expansion,if the need arise.

II)The content management system Platform.
(CT -CMS  Platform).

The platform publication of CT-CMS includes the CT-CMS,among others it offers the following capabilities:
-    The potential of creating new modules and add-ons
-    The ability of using these modules,within the framework of CT-CMS ,in combination with existing modules,
thus enabling the development of an application that fulfils even the most specialized demands.
-    Full access to CT-CMS API(Application Programming Interface) for the use of ready-made structures of the system.(database,templates,files,xml transformations).
-    The ability of expanding the database system,,through the GUI environment and automatically create  data input forms.
-    Support the development of applications using the CT – CMS Platform to fully exploit the opportunities offered.

A  full list that contains additional functions,distinct Add-ons categories and Modules ,is also available.
Their purpose is to intergrate smoothly and quickly these additional features in the central,already installed application,whenever it is required
and in coordinance with the evolving needs of customers of the product.

The Add-ons are full subsystems ,covering  a wide range of distinct functions  required for the coverage of independent operating units.These are:

The Modules are additional parts of the core application,which they  further enrich with different functions.
Some of these are: Banner Manager module, Newsletter module, Product Catalogue module, E-ticketing module,
Site members module, Workflow module, Versioning module, Investors Relations module, etc.

Additionally,the extension of the platform,has been designed in such way,so that ready-made mechanisms are available and modified by the customer,through
distinct tools ,and for LMS functions(Learning Management System) LCMS (Learning Content Management System).

The LMS mechanism is a  functional mechanism with ambiguous role,that serve both the instructors and the students.It provides the
ability of defining and administrating ,not only the  electronic courses and
the set of regulation, which determines them,but it further enables the faculty members that operate the application,how to best fulfil their
responsibilities and how best the students should functionate.

The LCMS mechanism is full mechanism that provides the ability of determining and administaring,the educative material of electronic courses.

The Interoperability with external systems,is secured through the usage of web services and the xml technology.
Concerning  the issue of security,the CT-CMS is responsible for administrating local users, potential backup,
and encrypted transfer of sensitive data,by using the protocol SSL.